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As I publish my first post I’d like to take this opportunity to share more of my story and how I became motivated to start my own nutrition practice. Everybody’s health journey starts from different places, here is where mine began…

I grew up near Seattle, and by American standards I was usually very healthy. Even when I was resistant to it, my mom always stressed the importance of nutritious eating habits and playing outside instead of watching TV. My dad also encouraged me to stay active and when I was a kid he was often involved in coaching sports teams I played on. As a college student I decided to formally study nutrition. After graduating I took the next natural step and started working in conventional healthcare as a Registered Dietitian. I was beyond blessed to work with the colleagues and patients I came across, but too often I saw how many people were NOT helped by generic, often outdated, one size fits all dietary guidelines.

On a personal note, in my early twenties, I took my healthy and active lifestyle to another level and began to value the benefits of organically grown foods and using less toxic products in my home and on myself. I also became a more conscious consumer and started using my dollars to support more sustainable agriculture practices and socially responsible companies.

Despite all this awareness, some imbalances still appeared in my early thirties. It’s most likely that picking up parasites on two previous trips to South America (which I stubbornly say were worth it!) contributed to some gut issues and I struggled with sleep and stress management. Around this same time I began training in functional and integrative nutrition and began implementing such principles on myself. By studying and using advanced testing I uncovered root causes and was empowered to apply lifestyle and nutritional therapies that were right for ME (instead of cookie cutter recommendations) to optimize my health again.

These integrative approaches to work through my own journey made an amazing difference in how I felt and in my outlook on food, exercise and wellness. My eyes were opened to the benefits of functional nutrition and I felt compelled to help others feel the same. Having my own practice allows me to impart my progressive wellness philosophy and use what I have learned in a way that I couldn’t in a more traditional healthcare setting. Whether you work with me as a client or just read my free content, I hope you come away with a newfound appreciation for a clean diet, active lifestyle, and a mindset of gratitude for what the earth provides for us.

Since my practice is virtual I have the ability to work with people all over the U.S. right from my home in beautiful Colorado. I’m lucky to live in Denver and enjoy most everything the city has to offer. I also love travelling, running, cooking (or just making a huge mess in the kitchen), studying holistic nutrition, meeting new people, gardening – but what I treasure most is catching up with family and friends. Placing importance on my health, mind, body and spirit gives me the energy to do all of these things that are special to me. I hope that what I do and write contributes to your own wellness journey and inspires you to do the same – isn’t that what it’s all about?


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