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Australia’s leading golf school, A*Game International Golf Academy has been instrumental in the development of successful tournament professionals for over 25 years. A-Game’s highly qualified and experienced staff provide outstanding golf programs at Hills International Golf Course. The course is situated on the southern outskirts of Brisbane and only 50 minutes from the Gold Coast. The combination of world class PGA coaches, a top quality training facility and Queensland’s fantastic year round weather make A*Game’s golf programs unbeatable. More than 30 international tournament professionals continue to use A*Game’s services to hone their skills on a regular basis.The academy provides a wide range of golf services specialising in golf education, coaching and skills training for career minded golfers.  

These services fall into two categories:

  • Golf Education: Our staff run curricula (3 months – 4 years) in conjunction with Hills Educational Foundation. We promote a holistic approach, which combines academic pursuits with golf training.
  • Skills Coaching: Private or group lessons for professionals and avid golfers, including skills training, mental preparation and physical development. These programs are usually short term (1-4 weeks average) and normally focus solely on golf.
    A Game International Golf Academy’s experience in the industry allows us to provide additional services, including:
  • Holiday Packages: Take advantage of our experience to plan and organise the perfect golfing holiday, standard packages to tailor made trips.
  • Corporate Services: Use our expertise to enhance and/or organise your corporate golf experience.
  • Sports Science Research


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